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Consistency is Key.

Here we are heading into March, which is completely insane to think about. Even crazier is thinking of where we were and where we were headed last year. Toilet paper shortages, lockdowns, virtual workspaces, virtual school...all things that came on quickly and were honestly a bit confusing and jarring.

While I can't really say that we are used to the new normal, we have adapted as best we can. The one thing that has held steady through this past year for me is taking myself outside for some fresh air.

The other thing I started was an exercise log/calendar. I was having such a terrible time figuring out what day it was and frankly WHAT to do WITH my day, that this helped immensely. I was not considered "essential" as a small business owner of an Indie Bookshoppe, so I needed to figure out some ways to pass the time without going nuts.

Well, the habit stuck and it's a fun little ritual to jot down what exercises happened when & where.

So, on to March! May we be consistent, present, and reach our goals!


- Anne

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