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Embracing Social Media for Business

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Presented by Anne Driscoll on Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce

Women in Business Luncheon at Idle Hour Winery & Kitchen

Two things happen when I first meet with a client to discuss their social media plan for their business. First, the client explains to me that they just don't have the time to "deal" with social media and secondly, it's not fun.

Well, that is great news for me, because I find it wildly fun, enjoyable and a great additional avenue to connect with customers. But if you're not ready to hire a social media manager, virtual assistant or digital nomad to help get your message out, this will cover some quick tips & tricks to get you started.

But first, an activity!


This exercise is designed to help with honing in on targeting customers, consistency, and planning.

Marketing Plan Worksheet
Download PDF • 237KB


This exercise is designed to help with creating a manageable weekly marketing calendar.

Build Media Marketing Planning Calendar (week)
Download PDF • 91KB

Things to think of when working on a marketing plan:

  1. What are you an expert in?

  2. What is valuable information that you have to share? This could be a new product, special, one-time sale, etc.

  3. Be consistent.

  4. Be consistent.

  5. Be consistent!!!!!!!

Tools I use frequently that I love:

  • Hootsuite - scheduling tool

  • Canva - Design Tool for creating graphics

  • Facebook Business Suite - scheduling tool for FB & Instagram (+ stories!)

For more information about our services or to book an on-line social media audit or training, please contact Anne Driscoll at 559-443-9167.

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